Loss weight without starve and thirsty : Part 1

how we can reduce body weight without starve and thirsty?

This programme is diet programme with not take carbohidrate and lessen sugar.By policy this programme is no burden, because depend to the condition of the people, this programme adaptable.This for the programme key ingredient is water. Reason, our inside the body's content this lot of water.So, we must be lost excess water.

To lose excess water, we must be drink plenty water.This was the subject arduous to want make. this is because,people always lazy provide quantity abundant water.You must drinking plenty of water to reduce water within the body. Surely, many people would argue, why we must be drinking plenty of water to lose abundant water within the body?

Indeed that were natural thing we listen from everyone. Yet, when we drink abundant water, we will eluding from dehidrated or dryness.Then we will be more often to the toilet to urinate. With this activity, many mineral we do not need will be removed also in this process. While that, we will indirectly will do simple exercise because of the need ply to the toilet.

drink about 1-2 litre deep water an hour. that our maiden's most important thing should be done.

Then we go to nutrition. By his policy we lessen intake of carbohydrates.Perhaps many not agree with this matter. But, this is a programme diet practised often . So, we need more practising eat meat and source of protein. But still reduce sugar.

Many of those want diet with eat fruit. Yet we need remember, coloured fruits containing sugar content fairly high if taken in excessive quantity. This excessive sugar would be turned to starch and would be kept as fat, us if do not use. Go in fact, diet with eat only fruit is torture oneself. This is because, we will feel hungry.

Reminder: Please do not starve to reduce your weight, because it do not need. What is important, we need to balance our diet , we need see how our daily activity, if we like take breakfast and no take food mid afternoon, and please start your day with breakfast fairly heavy, us so will have the energy to continue diurnal works.

to be continue..........