Wedding Diet - 6 Effective Tips To Lose Weight For Your Wedding Day

So you will be facing the altar in a few months or so. But when you look in the mirror, your wedding gown does not seem to be a perfect fit. Or maybe you want a gown that calls for a sexier physique. Well dear, fret no more. Expert nutritionists listed down 6 effective tips to lose weight in preparation for that special day.

1) On top of the list is of course a healthy diet. Experts call it, well a wedding diet. Alright, please do not be put off. It just means eating your meals regularly. Studies prove that an irregular eating habit burns fewer calories, therefore making a person gain weight, maybe even worse in the long run.

2)Always read labels! That's a cardinal rule. When you are shopping in the grocery, always make it a point to look at the labels of the products you are going to purchase. Experts say that a person who consumes more fat does not even glance at the labels. It may sound simple, but it is one of those unseen things that spell the difference in the end.

3) A person cramming to lose weight needs a steady dose of fruits and vegetables. They provide you with the feeling of being full, even if you're not. Wonderful, eh? This is because of their high water content. You know the feeling water gives when you have too much intake of it right? A good 5 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday is recommended by expert nutritionists. In relation to it, water should always be within reach. This is because water multiplies the energy outlay. This translates to the burning of calories and it goes up to a high 30%.

4) Never fail to watch what you eat. This is something you will hear as a nutritionist's advice to an athlete. Same holds true for the worried bride. Your big day is fast approaching and you would not want to acquire non-helpful calories for your system's consumption. This is of course, taking into consideration that you check on the labels.

5) Consult a physician. It is always right to seek aid from a professional. A nutritionist or a dietitian maybe a wiser choice. They know just about every type of diet there is for a specific person. There is also risk of weight gain if you are changing from one type of diet to another. Considering the loss of time, you would not want that. A doctor or a dietitian may even formulate a tailor-made diet for you. This burning of extra calories happens within 10 minutes after its consumption. A mineral water bottle always comes in handy so don't forget it on your next visit to the grocery.

6) Have a good knowledge of the GI (Glycemic Index). This is often suggested as a treatment needed for obesity. It has something to do with the food that you eat. What you need are foods with low GI. This means increasing the amount of your carbohydrate intake. There you go. I hope you take these guidelines by heart. Keep in mind the old adage - you can do anything if you set your mind to it.