Diet Meals - Fat Incinerator Soup(Diet Loss Weight)

Today I like to share one diet program that very save cost and drastic. According to the resource, if we follow this programme one week, we can loss weight until 7 kilogram.

This is the recipe:

fat incinerator soup.
2. onion
4. chilli cameron / green pepper.

Just cut fine and boil all the materials. Then the soup is ready.

first day diet:
eat fruit only with fat incinerator soup. banana absolutely forbidden. when feel hungry , eat fruit with fat incinerator soup. more many soup eaten, more many burnt fat.

day 2 :
eat boil vegetable or salad, but vegetable only with fat incinerator soup.

day 3 :
eat vegetable with fruit and fat incinerator soup. (on the third day, your weight reducible about 3 kg)

day 4: can eat banana with low fat milk. reason currently our body need carbohydrate. can eat banana until 8 seed. do not forget to eat fat incinerator soup ...

day 5:
eat fish / meat / chicken boiled or roasted. cannot have oil.
eat this with 6 seed tomatoes. and drinking water as many as 8 glass. and fat incinerator soup.

day 6:
same as day 5.

day 7:
eat rice with vegetable only and juice. with soup fat incinerator.

if you all follow this diet, one can loss weight until 7 kg in a week. this diet prohibited from making continued. after two new week can iterate.

During this diet program.. you am being prohibited take carbonate water, oil, sugar and salt.

happy trying & good luck