Title: Food Labels

by Cheeky Muffy

If you live in America, you know that all food must be labeled. The only food that doesn't have to be is, food that is in individual packages inside of a box or container. Even with that, the container that they come in have to be labeled. Do you buy your food according to these labels? That makes you feel smart, like a good consumer. What if I told you that those labels are nothing more than hog shit? Well, you would probably get angry at me. For the most part that is true. Like most things in life, people want to deceive you. Let's be honest, they want your money. They will do whatever they have to do to get it. Why not lie? Is the new formula a break through? Chances are it isn't. Chances are it is just a slight diversion from the old one. Why do they tell you it is? Because that will make you buy it. It really is that simple.

Is the product new and improved? Well, the packaging might be. If it is new and improved, wouldn't that make it a whole different product? If not, then listen to this. If the product is new and improved, then what were they selling you before? Were they selling you some shit that was worthless? If they were selling you the best quality item before, how could they make it better?

What does patented formula mean? It means nothing. Nothing that should concern any of us. It just means that whatever is in the stuff, is patented. That shouldn't be too alarming. I mean, do you really think that Coke isn't patented?

What are labels good for? You might be thinking that all of this negative stuff means that they aren't good for nothing. That isn't true. What you have to determine is, what is hype and what is real. They are going to try to do everything they can to sell you the product. Even if you don't need it. That is what some may call hype. On the other hand, actual info on the food is what you are after. You just want the facts, just the facts. On the back of the label, should tell you all that you need to know. Just turn the container around and have a look see.

What kind of information should you find back there? You should see what the ingredients are. It should say in fairly simple terms what is in the product. If it has loads of big words that you don't know what they are, I would move on to another product and see what it says. It should tell you what the serving size is. It should also tell you how many servings are in the container. This is important when you are shopping on a budget. You should always pay attention to how many servings are in the container. Compare the price per serving with other brands of the same item. If you do this often, you can save yourself a lot of money.

Also the label should tell you the info on the food. How much fat, vitamins, minerals, cabs and so forth that is in the food. That is important if you are on a diet. You need to know what you are putting in your body. If at any time you feel that you don't have enough info on the product, you can always check to see if they have a web site. If they do, there might be some info on it. If they don't, check to see if there is a number that you can call. If there is a number, chances are there will be someone there who can answer your question.

Though they do label how much fat, they don't tell you what kind of fat is in it. This can cause some problems if you are on a strict diet. Like I said before, you can try giving them a call for the info that you are looking for.

Of course some foods won't have labels. Like foods found at the farmers market or stuff that is sold at a bake sale. You can always ask the person at the bake sale what they put in the food item. If they say it is a secret recipe, tell them it is a secret where your wallet is and walk away from them. There is no reason why they at least can't tell you what is in the things. The farmers market really isn't that big of a worry. I mean, you know what is in an onion. You might ask what type of chemicals they use on their farm. They should have no problems telling you this.

To summarize about food labels. Don't believe the hype. The front of the label is where they try to sell the product to you. Instead, pay close attention the portion of the label that gives you the nutrition information.

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"Losing Weight the Healthy Way"

Almost 108 million Americans were overweight or obese in 1999. Until now, obesity continues to be a serious problem and is predicted to reach epidemic levels by the year 2020.

One way to prevent this scenario is to make people aware of the risks of being overweight or obese.

Here are some diseases that you are putting yourself in risk of if you are carrying a lot of extra pounds:

1. heart disease

2. stroke

3. diabetes

4. cancer

5. arthritis

6. hypertension

Losing weight helps to prevent and control these diseases.

The quick weight loss methods which have spread like fire these days do not provide lasting results. More often than not, dieting methods which involve dietary drinks, foods and supplement or pills do not work. If they do, the results are just temporary.

It is better to rely on a healthy weight loss option which will provide lifetime results. You have to set realistic goals and not expect to lose a lot of pounds in a short span of time.

Here are some tips on how you can lose those unwanted pounds the healthy way:

1. Do not starve your self.

The key to a healthier way of losing weight is: Do not diet.

You may seem happy and feel that you are losing those unwanted flabs on your belly and thighs by skipping meals. But remember that this would not last long. Your body cannot tolerate having insufficient food to fuel the energy that you use up everyday.

If you get used to skipping one or two meals a day, your stored calories will be used up instead of the energy that should have been provided by your meals. So if you just eat one huge sandwich in one day, it will end up straight to your problem area (i.e. highs, buttocks, hips).

2. Start your day right.

Mothers always say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Have a healthy meal in the morning to jump-start your metabolism.

Your food intake after you wake up will be used to burn fat all day long.

3. Eat small, healthy meals frequently.

Five small-serving snacks per day is better than three hearty meals. Eating more frequently, and in small servings, can prevent over-eating. This will also increase your metabolism and make calories burn faster.

4. Decide on how much weight you want to lose.

Keep your goals realistic. In the long run, it is virtually impossible for you to lose 40 pounds in 2 weeks. Have a mindset that you want to eat healthy to stay healthy for the rest of your life.

Once you have decided on a weight loss plan or program, stick to it and make sure that you follow your own set of dieting rules.

5. Drink lots of water.

Your body needs sufficient water to burn fat and keep your cells hydrated and healthy.

6. Avoid too much sugar.

Plan your meals around lots of fruits and vegetables, some bread, rice or pasta for that carbo fix that you need, plus lean meat and protein rich-foods. Sweets, sodas and pastries should be once-in-a-while indulgences only.

7. Watch your fat intake.

Fat is not the culprit to being overweight. You need this to keep your weight at the proper level.

There is such a thing as healthy fats. Olive, peanuts and canola oil have them. Tuna, salmon and mackerel have omega-3 fats which is good for the heart.

8. Exercise.

Leave your car if you are only going a few blocks from home, take the stairs instead of the elevator, jog, cycle or skate. Use these activites and other home chores if you are too lazy to go to the gym and take exercise classes. Make sure that you do this regularly and you will not even notice that you are already shedding pounds with these mundane activities.

It does not matter how much weight you plan or need to lose. What is important is that you set realistic goals for yourself.

Go slow. If you have already lost 5 or 6 pounds, give yourself a break then try to lose the next 5 pounds.

Eat healthy, drink lots of water, have enough sleep and exercise. This will give you a higher chance of losing weight and improving your health, which would result to a new, healthier you.


Title: Is Fast Weight Loss through Exercise Possible?

We are obsessed as a society with having everything on demand. If we decide we want a new car, we have to have it now, women freak out if they cannot get pregnant the very minute they've decided they want to have a child and if we think about weight loss, then it must surely be fast weight loss. We can't settle for anything less!

Fortunately it's been already proved that fast weight loss pills don't work. You may shed a few pounds at first, but in the end you will gain twice as much back. Fewer and fewer people are duped by false claims and pretenses of dishonest marketers. It's been said that they prey on human insecurities. I don't think so! They prey on our obsession with having everything right here, right now and without any effort on our part – if we are willing to pay the price.

And because the wonder pills don't work, people have turned to exercise. Marketers who advertise fast weight loss exercise programs or devices prey on the same here and now urgency. And they have given exercising a bad name too.

These are reviews I have found on a web site specialized in exposing infomercial scams:

"The [...] is actually a decent product, but it has major flaws. The way that the pulley system works is that the pulleys are attached to the frame with a free rotating bracket. This causes an excessive amount of wobbling when trying to use any of the exercises. Using the bench press is nearly impossible at higher weights due to the wobbling. Don't waste your $400+ for the [...]."

"I purchased the [...] through [...] Network. I was very unhappy with the whole motion of the machine; it was uncomfortable and unnatural not to mention very shoddy craftsmanship. I called [...] to return it. They said I was past the 1 month return."

"Unfortunately, I got sucked into the infomercial, thinking "this is it". I ordered the worthless thing and did not see any results. It was a bunch of plastic. Have returned the item a week before Christmas 2006, and have yet to get a refund. They keep telling me that they have not received the item. Don't waste your money!!!!"

So the info should be clear by now for everyone to see: fast weight loss doesn't work.

Exercise is the best way to lose weight.

Try to remember that "losing 15 pounds in two weeks" is nothing to celebrate. It is important to realize that the more quickly weight is lost, the more likely the loss is coming from water and muscle, not fat.

Since muscle tissue is critical in keeping our metabolism elevated, losing it actually leads to a decrease in the amount of calories we can each day without gaining weight. Fat loss is best achieved when weight is lost slowly. Strive for a weight loss of no more than 1-2 pounds per week. One pound of weight is equivalent to 3500 calories. By making small changes like eliminating 250 calories a day from food and expending 250 calories a day from exercise, you can lose one pound (of mostly fat) per week.

Exercise for weight loss and for your general health, but do it all with good measure. Rome wasn't built in a day either.

Title: Power Drinks

We all see ads for power drinks and energy bars. How many times have you seen a coach get some Gatoraide poured over his head? I've seen it so many times it makes me sick. I don't even watch football that often! So, should you consume such things? It depends on who you are really. That is what will tell you the answer. The types of things that you like to do. Are you the average Joe? You want to eat healthy so you feel great and look great. You don't work out often or at all. You go on walks at night time with your woman. Some of that might be for the exercise and some of it might be so you have an excuse to get in the shower with her when you get home.

Do you need power drinks and energy bars? No. I'm not sure if that is surprising or not. I used to work at a gas station many years ago. I used to see people getting these drinks all the time. Most of them were fat guys who were also getting a hot dog to eat while they nuke their hamburger. We all know about some of those second rate food items at the gas station.

I'd say that 95% percent of people buying these drinks were men who were overweight. I'm not sure why that is really. I think it has something to do with them seeing sports stars drink it on television. Certainly, they aren't drinking it to loose weight or to be more active. I'd say the same is true if you want to eat the energy bars. I mean, if you aren't going to use them for energy to work out with, it is all a waste. You should spend the money on more important things.

Why do fat guys eat this stuff? Ahhh, the power of marketing. I really think that is all that it boils down to. They respond to the marketing that they see. They see people that they look up to eating and drinking these things, so they feel if they consume them they will be just like their favorite sports hero. Now, if on the other hand you do work out, these can be a great tool for you use. Did you know that you shouldn't eat for up to two hours before you work out? Did you know that it takes at least 30 minutes to one hour for a snack to digest? This is where the energy bars come in handy. They are something small that your body can digest and you won't even notice your body doing any of the work. Eat one an hour before you go into the gym. You will notice how you don't get hungry while you are working out.

For about every half hour you plan on working out, drink about 16 oz of sports drink. That is a good rule of thumb. It takes about 40 minutes to absorb this, so drink it before you work out. If you are the average Joe who doesn't work out but use these for energy, let me tell you something. You are wasting your money. That is all that you are doing. You aren't getting any real benefit from these things. Sure you might be getting some energy here and there, but it is all a waste of money. You can gain the same amount of energy with a good diet. Take all of that money you are spending on this stuff and put it to good use. Save it up for a month and take your woman out to eat or some place fun. You will get more out of it that way than if you spent it on this junk.

Why am I talking about these things in such a negative manner? Because I hate to see people fall to the hype of marketing. That is why. You don't need this stuff. You need this stuff as much as you need a star named after you. Did you know that you can name a star after yourself for 40 dollars? You will never get to go there or even get a piece of the rock that makes it, but you can have it named after you. It is all a waste of money. Give that money to some charity that feeds the needy. They need the food more than you need an energy bar. I mean, why do you really need the energy anyway? Because you have filled up on sweets and burnt yourself out?

Instead you should focus on a healthy diet. That includes snacks of fresh fruit and veggies. That will give you energy and won't rob your wallet. Make sure that you are eating right and you are getting enough rest at night. There is no need to waste money on snake oil.


Title: Low Fat Dessert

by Bassy

No meal is over unless there is a dessert involved. If you are here in America, you know that most of the desserts out there are bad for you. They are loaded with salt, sugar and or fat. We have become a nation of junk food addicts. I do have a theory on this. I think that when a group of people experience wealth, their diets change. I know that this is simple and even a moron can come up with something like this, but hear me out. When a group of people have enough money that they have a choice of what they will eat, they will choose to go along with the more fatty foods. I think this is because we tend to store fat to keep us warm for the winter. In our minds if there is a bunch of food to choose from, then we will go towards the fatty foods. Like most animals, we prepare for the winter time. We know that it will be cold so we want a layer of fat to keep us warm. Another aspect of it is, we are greedy. All people are greedy. We want the best of everything. We want a nice new car, new house and all the rich food that we can eat. In the past, a wealthy person ate different foods than someone who is poor.

What to do? You want that little bit of joy at the end of the meal, but you don't want to become a lard ass. Well, you can have your cake and eat it too. We will discuss some of the more healthy desserts that you can eat. First I want to say, don't get fooled by this low fat stuff. It isn't worth the time. You will eat twice as much of it to fill your cravings. It is because it is missing something, the fat. The one thing that you are craving the most. In the end you aren't really doing yourself any favors. You are falling in the trap that all fat people fall into. They think since it is low fat, they can eat twice as much of it. That maybe true, but only if you don't want to loose weight.

Fresh fruit is always a good dessert. You can prepare it easily and it tastes great. Nothing tastes better than fresh fruit that is in season. Make sure that it is perfectly ripe and ready to eat. If it is ripe, it will be sweet and juicy. If you eat fruit that isn't ripe it will be hard and not have all the flavor that it can yield. You don't have to stick with the ho hum fruit salad. You can choose a ton of different ways to eat fresh fruit. You can bake apples for example wrapped in tin foil with a little bit of brown sugar. This is wonderful.

One of my favorite things is bananas sliced in orange juice. The sweet tangy flavor of the orange juice is really different compared to the banana. I could eat a truck load of this stuff. It is also a great pick me up if you are feeling sluggish. We have all seen those wand mixers advertised on television. Some people call these boat motors. It is a hand held mixer/blender that you can use for a lot of things. I love these things. If you have one of these, it is easy to make a great low fat dessert.

Here is a simple dessert using your boat motor. Take skim milk. You need to make sure that it is ice cold for this. Take your milk and put it in a drinking glass. Use your boat motor to whip air into it. You will notice after awhile it kind of looks like whipped cream. Add some bananas and strawberries and a little pinch of sugar to make it sweet. This is very low fat and it tastes great. You get that desire for fat taken care of that you have been craving so much. The whipped milk really almost feels like whipped cream. You won't believe how much it feels like the real thing.

You can also use this to add some zing to all kinds of things. You can use it to make your low fat milkshakes. You can add your protein mix to this for a great meal with very little fat. You will be surprised at how many things you can do with this whipped topping. People will think that you have fallen off of your rocker when they think you are eating a big serving of whipped cream. Before you know it, all your buddies at the gym will want you to make them something to eat with your boat motor. That is when you will have to tell them to get their own.

You can also eat gelatin. Make sure that you get the unflavored kind. It will come in either envelopes or in sheets. There will be directions on the package to tell you how to make it. You can add fruit juice or you can add fresh fruit to your gelatin. If you have a boat motor, you can use it and add some of that whipped topping you make from the skim milk. You will love this. You can also eat some low fat cakes. Just because it is cake, doesn't mean that it is bad for you. Just make sure that there isn't a whole lot of eggs or dairy involved. Also sometimes people sneak in mayo in their cake batters. Make sure you know what is on the cake. Also jam or jelly is great instead of frosting.

I'm sure that you can come up with your own ideas as well. Just think of what you already like to eat and put a spin on it. Please, stay away from the low fat stuff. All that will do is make you crave more of that than you should be eating. In the long run, you aren't saving any calories.

Title: Planning Your Diet

by Michael Messner

We have plans for everything these days. That is how we can fit 100 different things into each day. While to an extent this seems a bit over doing it, some things do need to be planned. I don't know why we don't plan our diets. I mean, we plan everything else. Some people even plan on when they will have sex. Hence, the birth of hump day. Why not spend a few minutes and plan out what you will eat? If you are reading this, you have the time so. So sit back and follow these seven easy steps. Don't blink, if you do it will be over. It is really that simple.

1. Mini meals are great.

They tell people with certain disease that they should eat several small meals each day. They say that a person should eat something every two hours. Well, that isn't too impossible to do. I would suggest that you start out every four hours. Keep it like you normally would any of your other meals. Make sure you have your protein and your fiber. Have some veggies and some fruit to balance everything out. Don't make your mini meal a bucket of fried chicken. I know that since it is a mini meal, the temptation doesn't seem as great. I mean, if you only slip up in a mini meal, who is watching?

These are a great way to avoid hunger and improper snacking throughout the day. Just make your mini meals up and eat them every time that you have planned. If you plan on eating every two hours, every two hours it is. It doesn't take a road map to figure this out.

2. Don't go over board.

This is easier said than done. You need to have a specific amount that you are trying to reduce. If you are trying to reduce your meals by 10%, then you should stick to that. I'm not suggesting that you break out the calculator and count up every meal that you have. If you have been on a diet for very long, you already have a good idea how many calories things have. Don't eat with your eyes, eat with your mind. That will help you cut down on the amount of food that you eat.

3. Eat good tasting food.

From time to time let yourself go. Eat something that you know you shouldn't. If you get it out of your system, it will be easier to maintain your diet. If on the other hand you don't allow yourself to eat things you shouldn't from time to time, all you will do is hurt yourself in the long run. You are going to nibble each day on those things instead of just eating them occasionally.

4. Eat your calories, don't drink them.

Don't fill up on sodas and other drinks. You can get all your calories for one day in these if you do it too much. A few sodas here. A few cups of hot chocolate there. A few beers here. You get the point. That will put on the pounds easily.

5. Exercise.

You need to do this to keep fit. Not only will it keep you fit, but it will keep you mentally sharp as well. That can go a long way in helping you stick to a diet. If you are depressed, chances are you will end up eating fatty foods that will make you fat. When you consume all of that fat, it will make you more depressed. It is a bad cycle to start.

6. Make your meals last.

Chew your damn food son! I bet you heard that one as a kid. Well, it is true. Don't swallow your food. Instead, eat it slowly and enjoy the taste of it. If you do this, it will make you feel like you have actually ate something. If you swallow it down, you won't get the same benefit. You will continue to feel a void.

7. Discover your food triggers.

We all have these. When was the last time you went grocery shopping and you looked at a bag of cookies and realized that you had to have them? I do this sort of thing all the time. You need to understand what foods trigger your response system. If you can do this, you can avoid situations that will make you eat things that you shouldn't eat.

Well, that wasn't so bad was it? There is no need to flip out when it comes to a diet plan. It is simple and easy. Just like anything in life, you should have a plan before you begin to do whatever it is that you are doing. The same is true with your diet.


Title: The South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet is one of the odd fishes swimming in the treacherous waters of the international weight loss industry. Many people love it and are perfectly willing to swear by the good name of M.D. Arthur Agatston, while others find it hard to stick to the obligatory induction phase. The South Beach Diet belongs to the low-carbohydrates group of diets and has been derided as a fad diet, although its fans claim that it is not a fad diet and that it is, in any case, much more responsible and healthy than Atkins. Then again, not many diets manage to be less healthy than Atkins.

Dieters who choose the South Beach Diet can expect to see their food intake restricted to lean meat, seafood, eggs, low fat dairy products, nuts, vegetables (most of them, anyway), artificial sweeteners and a couple of carbohydrates of the low glycemic variety. During the first phase of this diet, the shock phase, most fruit and vegetables are still on the banned list, just like the rest of carbohydrates. Unfortunately, some people find it hard to cope with the low energy level, the fatigue and sometimes nausea that accompany this phase. However, it should be noted that not all dieters experience these symptoms. It’s all in our genetic make-up.

The bets part of this diet is the focus on removing simple carbohydrates (sweets, pasta, bread) from the diet and replacing them with the healthier complex carbohydrates from wholegrains and vegetables. The worst part is the marketing jargon that makes it sound like a fad diet and the tough first phase of the diet, which sacrifices the long-term healthy eating approach for an instant gratification technique based on the catch-all slogan “lose weight fast”. Any such approach will have the dieter lose a lot of water and not that much fat.

On the other hand, the second phase of the diet is a bunch of quite sensible eating advice and the recipes provided by the author are very good. There are also pre-packaged South Beach foods for those who lack the time or the inclination to cook for themselves. All things considered, the South Beach Diet is not a bad idea if one could clear away the hype and marketing lingo and focus on the healthy eating part and the good food choices. This information is something that should stay with you through the years if you’re looking to keep that weight from returning.

Pointers on Losing Weight Safely

People who want to lose weight commonly, and first of all, think about reducing the amount of food they eat. This may be quite a solution but not exactly the best there is. In fact, depending on the amount you reduce in your food intake, it may even be dangerous to one's health. So how does one lose weight effectively and safely? Here are some points one should consider when trying to lose weight:

Beware of the Crash Diets

Most people think that trimming down the calories can alone shed off their unwanted excess. Probably this is because of the fad there is in advertising about low-calorie food products and beverages. What people don't know is that this could be dangerous because when they decrease their calorie intake way to below the required levels, the body begins to digest the fats. Sounds good but it doesn't actually. Burning fat requires a lot of energy. Since there is not much energy in the body to facilitate metabolism of fat, it will run at a very slow pace resulting to fatigue, illness and weak immune system.

Low-calorie diet is also compensated for by the body by burning muscle. People on this type of diet who revert back to their old eating habits end up gaining back some, if not all the weight they have shed off. This would consist mainly of fats. And since fats have more volume per mass than muscle, they end up having the same weight as before but more bulkier. In losing weight, one should keep in mind that they should lose excess body fats only.

However, one can try out eating small meals at more frequent intervals. This way the body will not think that it is being starved and will not store food as fat.

Eat Properly

One may have considered junking the crash diet option but he should also not forget to watch what he is eating. Variety must always be considered so that one may be able to get the necessary nutrients from his diet.It is also healthier to eat food which are roasted, steamed or broiled rather than fried. It is also important to include a lot of fiber in the diet. Frequent rehydration is also necessary.

Pump Up lean Muscle Mass

Muscles burn calories when they work; they even do so at rest. Unlike fats which just lie around, bulge around the pants and dangle beneath the sleeves, muscles burn calories all-day round. With this fact, one can start weight loss by increasing muscle mass. The more muscles, the less fat will be left. This is attainable starting with working out with resistance exercises.

Engaging in Aerobics

Aerobics are not only good for the heart by increasing cardio-vascular endurance. Aerobics also help in increasing lean muscle mass while simultaneously decreasing excess body fat. Aside from these, aerobics make the metebolic process more efficient and its rate high, even after a long while. Imagine burning fat efficiently while driving along the freeway or even while watching television.

Extra "Push"

Some people believe that smoking and caffeine can actually help in losing weight. This can perhaps be true; however, they do the body more harm than good because of their side-effects. For that extra "push", one can try out taking food supplements. Afterall, 95% of these products out in the market actually does good.

On Taking Diet Pills

Over-the-counter diet pills affect the amount of weight one loses as well as how long one keeps that amount of weight off. However, one must be wary of the side-effects of these diet pills. As such, one must faithfully follow the instructions provided for in the packaging. It is also prudent to consult the physician anyway before trying out these drugs and also to find out which type would be best for the individual.

Losing weight does not have to mean sacrifice and suffering. It actually means opening up to a more full and healthy life where one may not have to feel bad about himself having to look the way he does or not being able to do what he wants to do. Losing weight might entail a little adjustments plus the discomforts, but as the old saying goes, "no pain, no gain." Besides fat, what has one got to lose anyway?


Title: Negativity and your health

In our quest for a life as healthy as possible we often overlook that moods and attitudes play a very important role in our health. A happy and relaxed person is always healthier than one who goes through a period of depression or who has to put up with a lot of stress. There’s only so much that the body can compensate for before the overall health starts to suffer. These negative moods can destroy you from the inside just as sure as any illness. They leave your body open to various diseases and make you less able to deal with them.

Depression is one such thing. Doctors have noticed that people who succumb to depression during illnesses take a longer time to recover and may even develop complications. Instead of letting the body heal itself, these people make everything worse by letting depression take over and turning the will to live against itself. Studies have shown that people who are depressed after a heart attack are more likely to die in the 6 months following the event. Depressed people need more medication and more healthcare. They develop the more severe forms of diseases and are more at risk.

Loneliness is another big problem. People who have no friends, no sympathetic ears to hear their problems and no shoulders to cry on are forced to cope with stress and hardships all alone. Support from friends and relatives makes thing seem easier than they actually are and helps one go through tough times. Whether we’re talking about boring house chores or annoying co-workers, we all need someone willing to listen while we unload all the grief and depression. And it’s good to listen to someone else’s problems, too. It moves you to compassion and proves that your problems may not be that big after all.

Unfortunately, we’re also living in a stressful world. Whether we realize it or not, the daily life in cities is filled with loud noises, bright lights, crowded subways or buses, rush hours and a million other things that annoy us. Bills and expenses add to the stress, while going to a high-powered job that requires at least ten hours of work per day means that we don’t get much time to relax. Living in a constant state of stress is bound to damage our health sooner or later, although many times we fail to recognize the danger until it’s too late.

The best thing is to exercise some moderation and a change of lifestyle. Drink less coffee and alcohol. Smoke less or kick the habit altogether. Take 30-minute walks in the park instead of slumping on the sofa and watching TV. Buy some relaxing music and make a habit of your daily relaxation. Read a book once in a while or go to an art gallery if that’s the thing that can get your mind off work and worries. Remember that there are beautiful things in life and that you’re not a robot moving from one task to another.



Once again we have a good example of a polarizing diet. Some people love and want to spread the word, while others loathe it and vow to spread the word. It’s the clash of dieters over who’s right and who’s wrong about this program. While this is also the case with many other diets, has been particularly good at annoying both existing and prospective customers due to their “creative” approach to billing. However, this problem is not related to the dieting itself and if you don’t mind spending some cash, you might have a very good dieting experience.

The really good part of the diet is the flexibility. is based on the idea that different people need different approaches to dieting and strives to provide alternatives. Those who cannot stick to the eating plan are free to choose the Atkins, The Zone or other eating plans, which are included in the website. Some people find it better to go with a combination of eating plans or simply to make up their diet as they go. We are all different beings so this is a very good idea. On the other hand, dieters don’t get a lot of information on which foods are good and which are bad outside the eating plan.

The really bad part of the is the unfortunate manner in which they handle the financial part of their business. From discounts which are not taken into account, to fees and charges that are not readily apparent during the sign-up process and on to the auto payment deduction that goes on even after one has cancelled the subscription and the staff members who claim they never got any cancellation order, this is one diet you want to be careful about. While it’s true that many clients did not complain about such practices, there is a vocal minority of dieters who had to fight to get their money back from

In the end you are the judge. If you don’t mind the costs and if you don’t plan on dropping out after a couple of days then you might actually get along with the eating plan and lose a lot of weight. If, on the other hand, you don’t like what they recommend you, then you are going to have some problems with the $25 early cancellation fee, not to mention having to make sure they are not going to charge you again and again after the cancellation.

The Advantages of Weight Loss Patch

Finally, for severely obese people who have been unable to lose weight using traditional means, the utilization of weight loss patch may be an option.

Basically, weight loss patch is a revolutionary device or product that helps people to lose weight effectively. This weight loss patch, also known as “the diet patch,” or the “Slim Form Patch” are the new and innovative weight loss product that are now readily available in the market.

Its manufacturers contend that the ingredients used in weight loss patches are 100% natural. So, people who will use the product can be assured of a safe and effective weight loss regimen.

To know more about these weight loss patches, here is a list of some facts that can help you understand how it works:

1. It is a biological and straightforward process of losing weight.

This means that these weight loss patches are made from 100% natural ingredients that is why manufacturers claim that these products are safe to use. In addition, it is also simple and easy to utilize.

2. It’s not considered as one form of trendy weight loss program.

Because of its viability and clinically proven results, weight loss patches are considered as something that can safely burn calories and fats without having to skip meals or do some crash diets.

Moreover, because it does not advocate people to engage into crash diets, these products have not eradicated certain food groups in one’s diet. This means that the person using it is still eating a well-balanced meal.

3. It employs a “cutting edge technology” known as the Patch technology or the Transdermal.

This new technology states that in most cases, the food that enters into the body passes through the different areas inside. In most cases, there are harmful ingredients that were able to enter the body and yet it may pose greater risks.

The point here is that these substances where already broken down into pieces in areas like the liver or stomach, without passing through the bloodstreams. Hence, it pose greater risk to the person concerned.

However, with patch technology, the substances are easily absorbed and penetrated through the skin. It is in this process that the substances are redirected first to the bloodstream, where they are filtered, before they can go to the liver, stomach, and other parts of the body.

In this way, the harmful substances are already eliminated and that everything that passes through the different parts of the body are effectively utilized by the cells, where it is mostly needed.

Moreover, these weight loss patches contain the active ingredients that can effectively help people lose weight at the same time enhancing their health and well-being.

Therefore, for a revolutionary modification to weight loss regimen, it would be better if you will try using these weight loss patches. Buy now and start your life to a healthier you.

Alternatively, these weight loss patches are available in 30-piece package. It should only be worn once a day. Hence, you have a month supply of these products.

Indeed, with the advent of weight loss patches, losing weight will no longer be considered a game for the chosen few.

Hence, with these wonderful, excellent patches, you can now easily lose weight without the trouble of extreme fad diets. Best of all, these weight loss patches are affordable, so there’s no reason why you cannot try it out.


Title: The No Carbs after 5PM Diet

Carbohydrates seem to be one of the banes of our existence. Sure they take away the nasty feeling of hunger that makes us reach out for foods that we should not eat, but they’re still on the list of most wanted culprits in many cases of big bellies and fat thighs. Small wonder that many diets focus directly on cutting off the access to carbohydrates. These are called low-carbs diets and are among the most successful diets around when the principle is applied correctly. So let’s discuss another low-carbs diet and how good is it for your health.

The “No Carbs after 5 PM” diet, also known as the Carbs Curfew diet among the aficionados, is based on the idea that you don’t have to try all that hard to lose weight. Simply cutting off all carbohydrates after 5 PM is supposed to be enough for weight loss purposes. Not eating any carbohydrates after 5 PM serves to lower the overall intake of calories for the day, while eating more protein than usual helps make you feel full in a healthy way. this is a simple eating plan that can be understood by anybody in no time. No complex formulae here.

The eating plan is spread across 28 days and lets the user exercise his or her choices regarding the breakfast, lunch and Carb Curfew Meal every day. Snacks are restricted to fruits and vegetables and there’s one mandatory pint (that’s about half a liter) of skimmed or semi-skimmed milk to be had every day. The eating plan comes with an exercise plan designed to help the weight loss process with long walks and exercising of the abdominal muscles. There are a lot of food recipes to choose from, which makes it all the easier to stick to the program.

This diet has nice potential. People who have trouble sticking to harsher low-carbs diets will appreciate the fact that the breakfast and lunch can be as rich in carbs as the users like. Not to mention that they don’t have to spend time counting every last unit of carbs or proteins, they don’t have to bother with blood sugar levels, glycemic index values or circadian rhythms. As long as you can remember that carbs are not allowed after 5 PM, you’re bound to succeed. On the negative side, however, it doesn’t take a lot of dieting experience to see that this diet may be slower than others. Also there is no minimum weight lost promise, so be careful when setting your target weight.

Title: The Many Benefits of Exercise

Health experts encourage us to include exercise as a necessary part of our daily routine to promote our general well- being. Together with healthy and balanced diet, adequate rest and relaxation, exercise is recommended to promote optimal health.

People who are usually inactive can improve their health and well-being by becoming even moderately active on a regular basis.

Physical activity need not be strenuous to achieve significant health benefits.

Greater health benefits can be achieved by increasing the amount (duration, frequency, or intensity) of physical activity.

There are many benefits of exercise, not only as an aid in effective fat/ weight loss, but also in reducing our risks of developing or dying from some of the leading causes of illness and death. Here is a general overview of what exercise can do for us.

1. Exercise reduces our risks of dying prematurely.

2. Exercise reduces our risks of dying from heart diseases, cancers (including uterine, colon, and breast), stroke, diabetes and arthritis.

3. Help us lose weight, especially fat weight by decreasing our Body Mass Index (BMI), reducing our total cholesterol and reducing the circulating levels of triglycerides in our blood and increasing our metabolic rate. Perhaps this is why active people can "Eat anything and not gain weight." and why other folks "Gain weight just by looking at food."!

4. Exercise improves the functioning of our Immune System as well as blood and oxygen circulation for our vital organs.

5. Exercise increases our insulin sensitivity to prevent against type 2 diabetes.

6. Exercise increases our energy and endurance level.

7. Exercise slows down aging by improving our physical, mental, emotional and psychological well- being.

8. Exercise reduces our risk of developing many bones and joints diseases or disorders.

9. Exercise even helps in enhancing creativity and imagination. It is also linked with improved mental vigor, including reaction time, acuity, and math skills.

10. Exercise helps in providing physical and mental rejuvenation, making us feel good about ourselves and thus improve our esteem and confidence.

11. Exercising improves mood and due to the chemicals it releases in the brain called endorphins, it gives you an overall feeling of well-being. This is the same chemical that being in love or eating chocolate induces!

12. Exercise will help you sleep better. Just be sure not to exercise too close to your bedtime if you exercise at night, because it may keep you awake. If you need to exercise within a few hours of going to bed, make sure it's only a brisk walk. Experts say you should allow yourself about three hours between exercise and going to bed.

So get off that couch and start moving. Remember, the time and effort that you put in exercising today may spell your health and well- being tomorrow. Take our word for it! #